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05 June, 2012

iPhone case

The Monday night quilt group's 'homework' for the meeting last night was an electronic device cover. Since I share the iPad with my husband and I don't think he'd be thrilled by a patchwork cover, I decided to make another iPhone slipcover.  I liked the one I made last year so much I used the same pattern, although this time I made it as one long piece and folded it in half instead of making two separate sides like the first one. Since it was homework I figured I'd better make an effort at some piecing rather than just use one bit of fabric like last time! I've been wanting to try postage stamps for awhile, and something this small seemed like place to try them out.


The squares were 3 cm cut and 2 cm finished. And yeah, that's small! And yes the linen stretched. But actually all things considered, the squares generally matched up pretty well! I love all the reds and pinks against the linen, but couldn't resist putting in a single square of blue.


I had a typical last-step disaster though - if you look carefully at the large red and white polka dot fabric you can see the red has leached into the white, as it has on the two smaller ones next to it - and they're from different manufacturers to boot. Argh! I used water-erasable pen to draw in the quilting lines, so before I gave it a last iron I sprayed them out and ironed it wet and the red ran! I'm not sure if it would be permanent, I bet it is since I effectively set it with a hot iron, but I might try washing the cover in warm water with a colour catcher. I thought that both of those fabrics had been pre-washed but perhaps not. Anyways, not impressed!

I made it just a few millimeters too tight, so had to hand-sew the sides up to make enough room. It was meant to be sewn together along those stitching lines you can see, which this time around are simply giving a bit of structure to the edges. It's such a tricky thing making a cover just the right size - not too big or the phone will slide out, not too tight or you can't get it out in time to answer a call! I like this style of cover though, because I can pinch the fabric at the bottom and the phone slides up and I can then pull it out. I can also press the home button through the fabric and slide up the phone a bit to just see the time, and there's nothing blocking the headphone jack at the top.

So now I have two covers, although I imagine I'll still be wandering around the house saying "has anyone seen my phone cover?".

21 May, 2012

Instagram filler

I've been painting the trim in the kitchen so there isn't much to show off at the moment! I'm hoping to get some sewing in tomorrow after I help out in Hazel's class in the morning. In the meantime, I'll put up some of my favourite Instagram photos from the last week or so. I'm not quite as obsessive about that app as I used to be but I still enjoy it and am very fond of lots of my photos - not that I ever get around to printing any off though!

Instagram 1
l-r: lunch (plus a bagel), Hazel's swimming lessons, tin can lantern I made as a test for my neighbour's Matariki party next month, she wants the kids to do a lantern walk.

Instagram 2
l-r: school pickup before and after, some flowers on the way to school one morning, Hazel's pink toes in a puddle

Instagram 3

Abstract sun in a blue sky, some beautiful crocheted stones sent to me by the lovely Ellie, pretty sunset clouds

19 February, 2012

CameraBag 2 review

Last week Nevercenter asked if I'd like a review copy of their photo editing desktop app CameraBag 2. I had a look at the intro video on You Tube and thought it looked interesting so said why not and they gave me a copy. Initially I wasn't entirely sure why they approached me but I suspect that they are aiming for the "in love with Instagram (or Hipstamatic) and want to do it on my computer" set - and I admit I've looked for Photoshop filters that would allow me to replicate some of the filters I like on Camera + or Magic Hour. And woah does CameraBag have filters! Filters up the wazoo.  I could put in some screen shots of it in action, but actually the 5 minute 'How To' video is probably the best way to get an idea of how it works and it will save me a lot of explaining!

So, what do I think? I think it's fun and useful but there are some important things that are missing. First the good stuff!

Filters, filters, filters and more filters! I'm sure if you're a Photoshop whiz you can do these things easily enough, but I'm not and I can't - not even a vignette, so I'm pretty excited about these.

This is some of them:
Screen Shot 2012-02-16 at 9.41.59 AM

And there's even more of them here:
Screen Shot 2012-02-16 at 9.45.23 AM

All up I counted 102 individual filters, and then within each of those there is a huge variety of settings. It's a little overwhelming! Luckily there is the quick look option which lets you see them all at a glance.

There are also the usual exposure settings of brightness/contrast/saturation etc. etc.

Screen Shot 2012-02-16 at 9.40.25 AM

Plus some frames (something I've never been able to figure out in Photoshop!)

Screen Shot 2012-02-16 at 9.43.26 AM

So all of that's good and great and I'm really enjoying it. But what can't it do? (and I do stand to be corrected on this if anyone knows differently) Well it can't sharpen, and that's a major failing in my books. I use unsharp mask a lot, even on photos that are pretty sharp to begin with. Other online photo editing programs do a good sharpen - Snapseed on my iPhone does a super-good job, so its lack in CameraBag is a bit puzzling. It's the difference between this:

and this:

The other thing that I like to use a lot is a clone stamp or similar to get rid of pesky lamp posts or wires or trees. There are iPhone apps that can do this (eg.Filterstorm) - but not CameraBag. So instead of getting all lovely cloud courtesy of the seriously cool 'content aware' fill function in Photoshop (cloning could do it too, it's just much more labour-intensive):


You get this

CB cloud

Boo - trees and powerlines!

In the course of trying to figure out where sharpening was, I discovered another issue - the lack of a decent help function. The website offers a few video tutorials and some FAQs and that's about it. There is no comprehensive help guide, or any way of searching on a topic if what you want to know isn't contained in the FAQs. This suggests they aren't really expecting anyone to want to use this program seriously, or to experience anything outside the completely ordinary and expected. As a Photoshop and iPhone photo app junkie user it wasn't really an issue for me, and the controls are pretty intuitive, but still.

Overall I'm really enjoying the app and even if I had spent money on it I think I'd be pretty happy and looking forward to using it; but it's not perfect. I suspect what I'll be doing is some basic editing in Photoshop, particularly sharpening, and then taking it over to CameraBag. I've got my iPhoto set up to edit using Photoshop anyways, so it should work fairly smoothly. At the moment CameraBag 2 is US$24 and you can get a month's free trial for either Mac or PC, which seems to me like a bit of a no-brainer - you can evaluate it yourself. And if you find a way to sharpen I'd love to know!

12 February, 2012


I haven't been doing anything interesting lately, though I do try and fake it on Instagram. I love making my life look all arty and cool.

Instagram February

I've yet to try printing any photos off in a serious way - anyone have a good experience with a printing company? I printed a few off on my printer but I think I'd have to glue the photo paper to cardboard to stop them curling in the humidity. I created these mosaics over at, and they link up to who have some cute options, but I haven't investigated the international shipping. One never knows with US companies - sometimes they're fine, other times they seem to regard the existence of the rest of the world as offensive in some way and the shipping is so exorbitant you'd expect the item to show up carried by Daniel Craig in an Aston Marton. I think I've just convinced myself that it would be a good thing if Printstagram was in the latter camp... ;)

Instagram February

09 December, 2011

Me on Instagram

Me on Instagram
One of the groups I regularly participate in on Instagram asked us to make up one of these little images to put up, I thought it was kind of neat and wanted to share it here.

Still beavering away on the Tomtes, I found some perfect knit fabric remnant today to make little sweaters for the boys. Will be so cute!

16 February, 2011

Phone cover (aka 'Well bugger')

And you know what, I did measure twice and cut once and it's STILL too short.

Echino iPhone cover

Oh well, it's a simple enough pattern (via Jenna Designs) so I'll add another cm to the length and try again!

Echino iPhone cover

I won't change a thing about the fabric though, it's perfection. I used Echino Collage Stripe in Cool for the front...

Echino iPhone cover

...and the same fabric in Fresh for the back.

I'm kind of annoyed at the waste of time and resources though, I'm going to see what I can do to make it useful.


I made up another one in the same fabrics with an extra cm in length and it's perfect. I left out the elastic at the top this time, I don't think it's necessary as the cover fits fairly snugly.

iPhone cover mark II

Unfortunately I couldn't get a bird in without wasting a huge amount of fabric (fussy cutting stresses me at the best of times!) but I did end up with a butterfly on the back.

iPhone cover mark II

Boy my stitching looks distinctly dodgy in the photos but not nearly as bad in person. My machine hates sewing really thick layers so close to the edges, even with the walking foot. And the foot has a tendency to get caught on corners which doesn't help. Funny how it stands out so much more in the photo though, I couldn't live with it if it really looked like that!

Here are my measurements for a iPhone 4 (with a thin case) using the tutorial at One Shabby Chick - they include a 5mm seam allowance and a 2-3 topstitching allowance:

Two outside pieces, two lining pieces and two batting
Width 9.4 cm
Length 14.0 cm

The only difference from the tutorial is that I did it with two separate pieces, sewn together along three sides. To be honest I only did that because I didn't read the tutorial right and see that she folded a long piece in two and only had two seams!

15 February, 2011

Hipstamatic bedroom

On Sunday it was just so stinking hot and humid all I wanted to do was collapse. So I lay on our bed and watched Mat rip laserlite off from over the deck in preparation for our house being painted (!!!yay!) and Hazel sat next to me chattering away and sewing a lovebug of her own design and asking me to do help with pretty much everything. In between that I played with Hipstamatic.

I'm not used to seeing the sky out of window like this, it's really very nice! The light floods into all the rooms that open onto the deck and it feels much more open. On the other hand the rain comes in, the shoes get wet, and sunbeams heat the house up. We're liking the openess so much that we're thinking of painting the beams white so they blend in with the house more and don't look so massive when we replace the cover.

On an entirely unrelated note - ever since I was a kid I have stared at ceilings imagining how it would look if the house was turned upside down and the ceiling were the floor and I had to walk around the house that way. Am I alone in this? If I am I'm sure it indicates sheer untapped genius :)

The problem with having these high ceilings would be the getting in and out of doors.  I do love that moulding though, it has the most beautiful changing shadows throughout the day. The print is by Judith Kunzlé, an artist we know in the Cook Islands. I love her dancers but the landscapes are my favourites, they capture Polynesia so perfectly! I should start saving up for an Aitutaki one (where my PhD research was based).

01 February, 2011


I'm still on an enforced sewing break with my machines in the shop, which means I can legitimately pester you all with Hipstamatic photos.

I pruned back the hydrangeas yesterday so we could get down the side of the house and salvaged these flowerheads

The rest were antiqued, which I know people will pay a lot of money for, but I really only like them true blue. Or white. Or pink. Just not antique.

Hopefully there will be some sewing soon, I need to start prepping a few things and considering some UFOs and upcoming birthdays.

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31 January, 2011

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this

So I'll just post this photo and those of you who know how it was taken will know my dirty little secret.

Hipstamatic Hazel

For those of you who are thinking "yeah so she's posted a dodgy photo of her daughter looking all emo, and...?" the photo was taken using the Hipstamatic app on my new iPhone. I've been wanting one for such a long time because I like to be with the in-crowd even if I'm not an early-adopter these days. Such a comedown that, I used to be right at the forefront of technology, now I'm in the middle and before long I'll have given up no doubt. I do love Apple stuff though, ever since Dad got that Apple II+ way back in the 80s (which is Hazel's hilarious term for the period usually known as 'when dinosaurs ruled the earth' but also the literal truth, 1981 I think it was).

So has anyone else noticed that one sure-fire way to spot that a blogger has got an iPhone is that Hipstamatic photos start appearing on their blog? There's always some excuse, "my regular camera is lost/broken/not cool enough" but really I can see that they're just a lot more fun to put up than the usual run-of-the-mill shots. I'll try and restrain myself and just remind myself constantly that having an iPhone (and an iPad, iMac, iPod, MacBook Pro and I drive a VW) just makes me a walking stereotype and it's really nothing to be proud of. Do you guys ever feel that way about yourselves, that you're fitting into some marketing guy's demographic, even if you don't mean to? When Stuff White People Like was still going regularly I used to read those posts and see myself in them waaaay too often for comfort.

At least I haven't stuck the white Apple logo sticker on the back of my Golf, that would be really tragic.


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